Global Green Economic Forum (GGEF) 2013

The inaugural Global Green Economic Forum was launched on November 08, 2013 in Guangzhou, China.

The forum was coincided with China International Green Innovative Products & Technologies Show 2013 (CIGIPTS).

The half day invitation only event with the topic of “ECOLOGICAL CIVILIZATION CITY & SUSTAINABLE CORPORATE DEVELOPMENT” attracted over 150 affluent business leaders and environmental experts from both conventional and renewable energy sectors in Asia.


DATE: 08 November 2013
LOCATION: Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou, China
PARTICIPANTS: Business leaders, environment experts, policy makers and academics


08 November 2013, Friday
13:00 Registration
13:30 Welcome Remarks


MC: Mr. Li Decheng

Dr Annie S.C. Wu Madam Ma Xiuhong Mr Li Decheng Mr Wang Zhongyu
14:00 Keynote Address

Being the first person walking to North Pole and Antarctic, Swan will share his physical and emotional challenges during his journey. Swan will explain how such experience and lessons that he learned could help us to tackle the environmental issues that we are facing today. He will also share his insights and some success stories of companies that have done well of lowering carbon emission and essentially benefiting from it. This part is related to both plenary sessions in the Forum agenda, i.e. Eco-city, Smart Business AND How can enterprise monetize from ‘green economy’ and business transformation. More importantly, Swan will talk about leadership, he is going to inspire business leaders to think outside the box and set their own agenda to turn ‘green’ to ‘gold’ in this part of the world.

Mr Robert Swan, OBE
14:45 Eco-city and Smart Business

If having green buildings and building smart city is the trend, then what are developers doing to make it accessible to users while they can still make profits? What will it take to build a sustainable city?


Moderator: Ms. Christina Lee

Mr Chen Zhiying Mr Patrick Chan Mr Huang Xiaojun Mr Peter Lacy Mr Eric Walker Ms Yuan Guangmei Ms Christina Lee
16:10 Coffee Break
16:30 Can Enterprise Monetise from “Green Economy” and Business Transformation?

After the last financial crisis, companies around the world are trying to transform their business model in order to survive or thrive. Who are the winners? What can we learn from these companies? Meanwhile, we will discuss how companies can turn ‘green to gold’ and examine some of the successful players in ‘green economy’ at this plenary.


Moderator: Dr. Li Mingxing

Mr Jean-Michel Dumont Mr Stone Wang Dr Wang Wenyin Mr. Xie Xuhui Dr Zhen Caiji Dr Li Mingxing
18:00 Closing Remark

MC: Mr. Yu Wu

Ms Christina Lee Mr Yu Wu