GGEF Sustainability Workshop 2015

Date: 09 September 2015 (Wednesday)
Venue: The St. Regis Singapore
Participants: Managers, sustainability officers, or business decision makers who want to learn from the professionals on turning sustainability to profitability in the business context.


Opening Remarks Ms Christina Lee
Keynote and Inspirational Speech

As a maritime lawyer, an ocean advocate and pioneer swimmer, Lewis puts his hard learned lessons in to the context of a corporate environment. He will share his experience in conquering environmental challenges, and how these experience could inspire our business decision making today.

His message is highly relevant, inspirational and, most importantly actionable.

Mr Lewis Pugh
Lecture I: “Big things come in small packages”

We often hear SMEs say “we want to start sustainable initiatives but we are just too small”. There are valid challenges that SMEs face like limited financial resources yet the power to change actually comes from the places where innovation thrives, people are motivated by passion, and there is a desire to make a difference.

Topics to be covered:

  • All the best movers are SMEs
  • No such thing as being too small
  • The power of SMEs to create positive change
  • Being responsible does not mean spending more

What you will learn:

  • SME’s process of prioritisation – and create impact through focus
  • Best practices on how to use sustainability as an employer branding, employee engagement & retention piece
  • How to share and inspire – without having to write long reports
Ms Pat Gallardo Dwyer
Group Discussion I: Big things come in small packages Ms Pat Gallardo Dwyer
Networking Lunch
Dialogue: Best Sustainability Practice in Business

In this dialogue, Esther will share her involvement in sustainability with real case scenarios, best practices and render advices.

Moderator: Ms Pat Gallardo Dwyer

Ms Esther An
Lecture II: Turning “green” to ‘”gold”

Apart from the excellent business results that Eco Special Waste Management has achieved, the company has made constant efforts to improve its sustainability and EHS practices, for which it has been recognized by being awarded the SBF Singapore Sustainability Award.  Eco’s success today has been achieved through a combination of strategy, re-organization, re-engineering, investment in people and facilities, and great focus on continual improvement of their business.

Topics to be covered:

  • Building a sustainable business model
  • Turning ‘green’ to ‘gold’ is possible
  • Case Studies
Mr Rick Reidinger
Group Discussion II: Turning “green” to “gold” Mr Rick Reidinger
Special Talk: “Sustainable Development – Challenges and Opportunities for China”

Since China opening up to the outside world and its economic reforms 30 years ago, which are the greatest achievements for China? Following the social and economic development, both resources and environment are increasingly under pressure, so what kind of challenges is China facing? Under the current trend, what are the new opportunities can environmental protection bring?

Mr Chen Haowu

Presentation of Certificate of Participation and Photo-Taking session