Dr David Bevan

ESG Risk Management Consultant at GGEC

Dr David Bevan is an ESG Risk Management Consultant at GGEC. After 25 years experience in corporate finance and business development consulting in Europe/America/Asia, David has spent the past decade in the academic and sustainability consulting field. In addition to advanced degrees in Managing Change and Adult Teaching and Learning, he completed a PhD at the School of Management at King’s College London. Since 2004 he has lead courses in corporate social responsibility and sustainable business strategy at a number of universities and business schools (King’s College London; Royal Holloway; HEC Paris; Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management). In 2012 Professor Bevan joined the Centre for Leadership and Responsibility at CEIBS, Shanghai. He continues to teach on postgraduate management courses at The University of Hong Kong.

In addition to teaching, coaching and consulting on these ‘how to’s’ of ESG reporting – with training from Global Reporting Initiative (G3/G4) – he works with teams and individuals on developing an understanding of materiality which is central to any serious and effective change management. David has also worked in the space between commercial and benefit activities – social enterprise and measuring non-financial value for organisations in the USA and Hong Kong.